2015 Autumn Repeal Day - calendar showing March 18

2015 Autumn Repeal Day

The Australian Government has a plan to cut a net $1 billion in red tape every year. As part of that plan, there will be two parliamentary repeal days every year to cut unnecessary and costly legislation and regulation.

The 2015 Autumn Repeal Day was held on 18 March 2015. This was the third Parliamentary repeal day. As a result of legislation introduced and decisions made up to 18 March, the Government has announced reforms which, if fully implemented, would result in annual savings of over $2.45 billion in reduced compliance costs for businesses, community organisations, families and individuals.

Annual Deregulation Report Cover

Annual Deregulation Report 2014

The report outlines the achievements of the Australian Government in delivering its commitment to reduce the costs and regulatory burden imposed by unnecessary red tape.


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Regulator Performance Framework, and what it means for you

The Government has committed to reducing the cost of unnecessary or inefficient regulation imposed on individuals, business and community organisations by at least $1 billion a year. An important part of this commitment is the development of a Framework to review the performance of Commonwealth regulators.

This Framework isn’t just for regulators. It will benefit business and the community, including individuals. Find out more.

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Guide to Regulation

This is the Australian Government’s Guide to Regulation.

It has been written to help change the way policy makers think about regulation and to inform the consultation and policy making processes.

Families, businesses and community organisations pay the price for poor regulation and the purpose of this Guide is to help make better regulation, not more regulation.

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International Standards & Risk Assessments

The Prime Minister, the Hon Tony Abbott MP, has announced that as part of the Government's red tape objective, portfolios and regulators will assess opportunities for greater acceptance of international standards and risk assessments. 

Members of the public are being invited to share your examples of unnecessary divergence from international standards on this website.

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The Hon Christian Porter MP

The Hon Christian Porter, MP was appointed as Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister on 23 December 2014, his responsibilities include overseeing the implementation of the Government’s plan to reduce unnecessary and costly red tape.

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The Government has committed to reduce the cost of red tape by a net $1 billion each year.

2.45 billion saving

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