Better Practice Guide on Administering Regulation

The Australian National Audit Office has released a new Better Practice Guide on Administering Regulation.  The guide aims to provide guidance to regulators on how to efficiently and effectively administer regulation. The guide covers the importance of risk management, effective stakeholder engagement, the value of data analysis as a source of regulatory intelligence, regulator behaviour, and regulator and regulatory performance. Better practice principles are outlined to assist Australian Government regulators in assessing the quality of their administrative practices and in identifying where improvements can be made.

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New Guide to Regulation

This is the Australian Government’s new Guide to Regulation.

It has been written to help change the way policy makers think about regulation and to inform the consultation and policy making processes.

Families, businesses and community organisations pay the price for poor regulation and the purpose of this Guide is to help make better regulation, not more regulation.

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Regulator Performance Framework

The Government has committed to reducing the cost of unnecessary or inefficient regulation imposed on individuals, business and community organisations by at least $1 billion a year. An important part of this commitment is the development of a Framework to review the performance of Commonwealth regulators.

The draft Regulator Performance Framework is now open for public comment. Submissions will be accepted until Monday 22 September 2014.

2014 Autumn Repeal Day

The Australian Government has a plan to cut $1 billion in red tape every year. As part of that plan, there will be two parliamentary repeal days every year to cut unnecessary and costly legislation and regulation. The first repeal day was in the House of Representatives on Wednesday 26 March.

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New Guide to Regulation

The Australian Government’s new Guide to Regulation has been written to help change the way policy makers think about regulation. The goal is to help make better regulation, not more regulation.

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Deregulatory savings over the year to date. Last updated on 19 March 2014. The Government will report net progress against the $1 billion target, including any measures that had a regulatory impact, at the end of the calendar year

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