Read this before you write your next policy document

The Government has a clear approach to regulation: we will reduce the regulatory burden for individuals, businesses and community organisations.

From now on, cutting existing red tape and limiting the flow of new regulation is a high priority.

Every policy option must be carefully assessed, its likely impact costed and a range of viable alternatives considered in a transparent and accountable way against the default position of no new regulation.

As a result, every policy proposal designed to introduce or abolish regulation must now be accompanied by an Australian Government Regulation Impact Statement, or RIS.

What’s more, your RIS must have been developed early in the policy making process.

The RIS is a tool designed to encourage rigour, innovation and better policy outcomes from the beginning.

In the past, a RIS might have been something you put together at the end of a policy process, just before your proposal went to Cabinet or another decision maker.

Now, the following RIS questions must be the starting point of your policy journey—and this Guide your companion.